Mrs. Becker's Language Arts: 8th Grade
Mary's Meal: "Saving Grace"

Rosalee: 16 Year old Monster Truck Driver on Ellen-

Finding Theme In Literature:

Needs Assessment:

Research Paper Information

Important Dates:
February 21st- Choose Your Topic By Today! (This should be a guiding question.)
Friday, March 1st- 4 Resources plus a book
Wednesday, March 13th- Notecards Due!
Thursday, March 14th- Work Cited Page Due!
Wednesday, April 3rd- Thesis Statement Due!
Friday, April 5th- Outline Due!
Wednesday, April 10th- 1st Draft Due!
Monday, April 15th- 2nd Draft Due!

Research Paper Outline.docx

What could happen if I plagiarize information?!
Plagiarism Video

Where should I keep all of this valuable information I am researching??

This link will provide ideas for guiding questions in choosing a topic for the research paper.
Topics must be chosen by Thursday, February 21st, 2013.

Still looking for ideas?! Use the link below to see suggested website to view. These are sites that got me thinking about environmental issues and raised questions in my mind. Remember you want to choose a topic you are curious about!

This link is a list of things we "think we know" about global warming. It may also help generate some questions in your mind.

Below is the KWLC rubic.

Independent Reading
We are committed to reading independently everyday at the Seton Middle School! We believe that giving students this time to develop their reading strategies, discover what type of reader they are, and truly time to enjoy their novels is essential to the development of life-long readers. Each quarter we will place a classroom order of books which will be covered through grant money. Please encourag students to add books to our "Books to Purchase" list if there is something they cannot find in one of our classroom libraries.

Reading Journal Rubric:

Reading Journal Requirements:

Ideas to start Personal Response in Journals (12-15 Sentence Minimum):

Use the following links to help build your list of books you "plan to read!" Remember to record them in your reading journal.

Iowa Teen and High School Choice Book Awards- Click Below!
8th Grade Book Reviews Blog (2011-2012 School Year)School Library Journal ReviewsKirkus ReviewsBarnes and NobleAmazon

Iowa Educators Consortium


The Stacks at

The Christian Science Monitor

Book Trailers for YA Novels
Your Next Read

What Should I read Next?
PA LibrariesBook Trailers

Book Reviews and Commercials
Once per quarter (a total of four times) each 8th grader is responsible for presenting a book review and a book commercial to the rest of the class. This is a way for them to advertise all of the wonderful books they are reading to the rest of their peers as well as add books to their own "books to read" list. The four quarters end on the following dates:
1st Quarter: October 26th
2nd Quarter: January 10th
3rd Quarter: March 15th
4th Quarter: May 21st

Mrs. Becker and Ms. George reserve the right to require all book reviews and commercials to be completed 1 week prior to the quarter ending. This will be communicated during class. A link to the rubric for both book reviews and commercials can be found below.

Published Pieces
Each day, 8th graders participate in writer's workshop where one step of the writing process is practiced: ideas, brainstorming, drafting, peer editing and revising, teacher conference, and publishing. 8th graders are continually generating ideas to fill their notebooks. We are working to look at the world as an author would: what are my writable moments? Selected excerpts and whole writing pieces can be accessed at the link to the left: 8th grade Authors.

Opinion Essay

Opinion Writing- Scope Magazine

use the rubric below!

Research Paper
The students are responsible for writing a research paper in eighth grade. Important due dates will be posted as soon as they are announced, which will be later in the year probably around January. There are also many helpful websites that can be found by clicking the link to Education Websites to the left.